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Changes to the International Student Program regulations have taken effect June 1, 2014. It is important that you read and understand the information Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has released regarding these changes. These changes will specifically impact applying for a Study Permit, studying in Canada, and working off campus during your studies. Please contact an international student advisor if you have any questions.

Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture’s Designated Learning Institution number (DLI#) is O111917070547.

  1. Introduction

CCTCMA welcomes applications from Canadian and international students. There is no admission limitations on the basis of provincial residence or citizenship.

  1. Admission

CCTCMA accepts applications from Canadian and international students who meet all of the following criteria:

    1. A sincere interest in TCM or acupuncture.
    2. At least eighteen (18) years old.
    3. Have completed a high school education in Alberta or equivalent, with a 60% average or better in Grade 12 English, Grade 12 Math and Grade 12 Science.
    4. Out of high school for at least two years OR successful completion of one year of post-secondary education verified by transcript.
    5. For applicants whose first language is not English, proof of a successful result in either the TOFEL 560/220 OR IELTS 5.0 exams is required.
    6. A successful in-person or telephone interview by the college.
  1. Procedure 
    1. The prospective student submits the application package with $200.00 application fee.
    2. Within 14 days, CCTCMA reviews the application package and inform the prospective student by email or phone if any documents are missing.
    3. Within one month, CCTCMA mails the letter of Acceptance to the student and the student starts to apply for the Student Visa, medical insurance, as well as relevant travel documents.
    4. School starts on Sept 2, 2014.

Note: The application fee is not refundable. CCTCMA recommend that the prospective students apply their Student Visa ASAP.

  1. Credential Assessment and Recognition Standard

Applicants from other countries must present qualifications comparable to those of Canadian applicants.

  1. Support and Services for International Students

International Student Services (ISS) provides information regarding immigration documents i.e. Study Permits, to international students to study at CCTCMA.

Please note that ISS cannot provide advice to you, or act on your behalf, on such immigration matters. Our website provides links to Citizenship and Immigration Canada where complete information, application forms and instructions are available.

International students seeking information on immigrating to Canada can check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website .

The ISS is also the main source of support for international students and a gathering place for students with cross-cultural interests at CCTCMA. The ISS offers the following services:

Reception and orientation – New international students are welcome to register with the ISS in August and September to receive important information about settling into their new environment.

International Student Advising Office – This is where you can find support for a wide range of issues, such as immigration, employment and adjusting to life in Canada.

Cross-cultural counselling – Our cross-cultural counsellor provides culturally sensitive counselling to CCTCMA students on personal issues. Feel free to discuss anything from family problems to depression to self-esteem.

Social and cultural events – The ISS offers students a taste of Canadian and world cultures by hosting cultural and social activities, such as themed dinners, parties, field trips and tours.

  1. Health Support for International Students

All international students at the Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (CCTCMA) are eligible for the Alberta health care insurance program (AHCIP) and we strongly encourages international students to purchase adequate coverage not covered by AHCIP. The college clinic of CCTCMA also offers all our students free acupuncture treatments up to 10 times per year by our interns under supervision.

  1. Academic Support for International Students

CCTCMA is committed to maintaining high standards and encouraging your academic success. Academic standing applies to all programs at CCTCMA and relates to the student’s eligibility to register in courses within Acupuncture Diploma Program at CCTCMA.

If you are experiencing academic difficulty, you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible. The sooner you get assistance, the easier it will be for you to get help.

  1. International Student Advisor

Dr. Frank Du
(O): 403-287-8688

Ling Luo
(O): 403-287-8688

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