Part Time Acupuncturist at Lasya Healing Centre

Do you desire to work with a talented team of therapists that are driven to be “A” players? Do you want to be part of something bigger, while having fun in the process? Do you want to have meaningful work where you go home everyday feeling like you made a difference in someone’s life?
Lasya Healing Centre is a growing Health and Wellness Centre located in South West Calgary with a focus on assisting families to live life well. We do this through our regular wellness sessions and our signature Fertility Blueprint Program.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to be the Canadian leader and chosen authority in understanding and assisting families with their bodies, minds and souls to dramatically impact their overall quality of life.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to create and implement easy to follow systems, treatments, personal growth tools and processes for couples to educate and expand their health and wellness, their connection to each other and their family so that they achieve outrageous success, both individually and together.
Why do we do this?
We have first hand experience with how continual stress and lack of self-care, stemming from a lifestyle involving overwork and mental and emotional burnout, can impact your overall health and well-being. With higher and higher rates of disease, chronic illness and fertility issues, sharing how we have overcome our own challenges, including stress induced infertility, we have created systems that assist people to receive nurturing and attention, while improving their confidence so that they can live life well and thrive in all that they do.
Our Core Values:
Our core values reflect our culture and that of our team. These include:
1. Listen – Our team not only cares about each other, we care for all including our vendors, clients and people everywhere. We work best with those who have compassion for others and truly show it by listening to the needs of clients, team mates, the company, vendors and themselves.
2. Focused & Fully Present – Growth can be measured many ways but it’s those who are pursuing perfection in all they do that makes us special. Seeking 1st place in everything we do is our lifeblood. Bringing your whole self to the game and being focused & fully present.
3. Integrity – Do what you say you are going to do and be fully accountable for where you are at, your choices and your actions. Taking responsibility for one’s performance is vital. When words are congruent with actions, we are in integrity.

4. Unconditional Gratitude – For everything that is going on in your world. Gratitude for clients, team members, your career, the suppliers, your family, and you. We hire happy, grateful people that want to be happy and grateful people. We all spend a great deal of our waking lives here and being grateful for it all is critical. Be happy, have fun and be grateful.
5. Open to Possibilities – Sometimes complexity is needed to get the highest return for our clients and partners. It’s our job and desire to create these gains for them while making the end result simple. There is always a solution to things. Embrace the chaos, as change is often rapid as we optimize our processes; we encourage this and those who drive creativity.

What you will need to succeed!
A passion about health and wellness. Working in a supportive, educational and highly accountable environment, embracing the values that are the very core of Lasya Healing. A desire for on going self-improvement and share openly with others in a collaborative environment to continually improve and grow both professionally and as a team.
Full Certification and Licensing as an Acupuncturist is required. A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an asset. Full and current insurance coverage must also be in place.
Role and Responsibilities
As an Acupuncturist you enjoy contributing to people’s education in sessions and through systematised marketing techniques provided as part of our internal team coaching.
This is a great opportunity for the right Acupuncturist to grow a practice and benefit from cross-referrals, as well as contribute to the team and centre as a whole.
Hours and Compensation
All Therapists are commission based with additional perks and compensation increases provided as you grow. Our private resource centre is specifically designed to assist the Lasya Healing team grow both personally and professionally.
Current Hours Available: Mondays 10-6pm, Thursdays 12-8pm, Alternating Saturdays 10 -6pm We thank all who apply, and only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. We look forward to meeting with you!

Lasya Healing Centre | 6436 1A Street SW | Calgary, AB | T2H 0G6 | | 403.452.2445

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