Pathology and Microbiology (1)

Course ID Course Name Time
S221 Pathology and Microbiology (1) 2nd year 1st semester


Course Description

P&M 1 course introduces the students to western pathology and microbiology.  The covered concepts: Cell pathology; Inflammation; Healing and repair; Fluid and hemodynamic disorders; Immunopathology; Neoplasms; Mental & emotional disorders. The terminology and basic theory of microbiology are explained.

Course Objective

Students will become familiar with basic western terminology relevant to the study of pathology: definitions of health and disease, homeostatic imbalance, etiology, pathogenesis, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment modalities.

Students will understand the changes that occur on the level of cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and the whole organism during pathological conditions.

The fundamentals of microbiology will be introduced: infection, infectious agent, virulence, host, susceptibility, spread of infection, antimicrobial agents.

Hrs/Pwk Weeks Total Hours Credit
3 18 54 1.5

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