Prof. Cheng’s 2016 Acupuncture Workshop Finished Successfully!

Professor Kai ChengAug 6-7, 2016, Prof. Kai Cheng came from China to run a weekend workshop introducing special Cheng’s needling technique and explanation of acupoints. The whole weekend was filled with lots of practical acupuncture experience and demonstrations.

They also brought the new Chinese version of CAM book, and some certified Bianshi scraping boards for the attendees.

Could you find yourself in the photo below? They are the ones attended Prof. Cheng’s workshop at the weekend. If you are not in the photo yet, make sure to watch our school news for the next Cheng’s Advanced Acupuncture Technique Training.

Prof. Cheng Acupuncture Demonstration
2016 Prof. Cheng Acupuncture Workshop Teaching
2016 Prof. Cheng Acupuncture Workshop Group photo

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