Success of Prof. Cheng’s Advanced Acupuncture Workshop

Prof. Cheng’s Advanced Acupuncture Workshop had finished with great success on July 30th, 2017.
This year, Prof. Cheng taught the participants more specialized needling techniques to correct patient’s posture and poorly aligned anatomic structures. Cheng’s special needling techniques are very practical. They can be utilized in the daily clinic practice for all acupuncturists for more efficient treatment in pain management.


Here is one of the examples that Prof. Cheng demonstrated in his workshop.
For the practitioners often use UB23, KID3, KID6 to treat kidney related disorders, using Jingmen (GB25) for the same conditions can be quite intimidating. During the seminar, Prof. Cheng explained the meaning of Jingmen (GB25) – Front-mu of kidney with great details along with its special needling technique. He also introduced lots of other acupoints to help the participants to gain faster and more efficient treatment results.

This year’s workshop is more advanced and more practical compare to the previous ones. All participants were very grateful for the knowledge and skills Prof. Cheng brought to them.
We are working on arranging Prof. Cheng’s future visit in next Summer. For the practitioners who are interested in taking Prof. Cheng’s next training session, please send an email to us. We will keep you updated for the coming training.

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