My name is Kun Li. I have studied at the Calgary College of TCM and Acupuncture for 3 years. When I was in my second year studying, I started my clinical practice under supervision. When patients said that they felt much better after my treatment, I could not believe it. I thought my patients were just so polite to me, until patients brought their mother, friends to me. I feel happy and feel pressure as well. I treated lots of patients in my internship and also learned a lot from them. When my treatment does not work, I will dig more and more, and I enjoy it. This is the life what TCM brings to me. I really like it. I am very regret why I did not study TCM earlier, otherwise, maybe I am one of famous TCM Doctors, haha…….

Kun Li

My name is Sebastien, and I went to Beijing, China, for 6 weeks of internship at the China-Japan friendship hospital in the spring of 2015.

First of all, this whole experience was definitely very positive. I made a lot of friends, helping me to navigate the city after the initial tour by Dr. Du and Wangpei. And I’m still talking to many of them.

There is a lot of pinyin and English in signs in Beijing, which helps a lot. It’s fairly easy to get comfortable going around, using the subway system and the maps. Chinese are a pretty friendly bunch and will try to help when asked.

The hospital Doctors are very nice and open in general, make friends with them and help them. I could observe and had enough time to learn and asks many questions. They are happy to help, some will need more prompting than most, but all can and will try to help as they can. I’ve had many one on one discussion with them about Chinese medicine, their experiences with treating diseases, their learning processes, etc.

While I did have a good translator for a while, I found it was better to talk directly with those who could speak a good English.

This trip was very valuable to get in relationship with many good practitioners of Chinese Medicine and invaluable in experiencing Chinese medicine in a different context and a different way. I would definitely recommend it


My time at the Calgary College of TCM has been one of challenges and constant growth. The coursework was in depth and demanding but the teaching staff were knowledgeable, approachable and supportive. Dr. Du and the rest of the staff always tried to bring out the best in us as students and to help us reach our goals and potential. As classmates we would all support each other and often studied together helping each other to understand difficult concepts. Now I am looking forward to moving into professional practice and to helping others through the wisdom of TCM, a proven tradition over 2500 years old! I have seen firsthand the power of TCM, massage and acupuncture and herbalism and am eager to share what I have learned with those in need of help and am excited by the constant growth and personal fulfillment offered by TCM.

Oct 25, 2015

Ying Li

Dear Dr. Du,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful learning experience I received at your College. I have to say all your instructors, including yourself, taught in a way that strengthened each and every person-Young or Older. All instructors brought with them a plethora of information from their own clinical skills and knowledge. Each and every instructor cares about his/her students. All their conduct brings harmony and peace which creates a wonderful learning atmosphere. This is very important since Acupuncture is not an easy profession to learn. Not only have I fulfilled all requirements for Acupuncture, I have learned even stronger how to be a better practitioner. Each and every instructor teaches in their own unique style. All of them have, including yourself, provided excellent power points, excellent explanations, and taught the material in such a way to make it interesting and better understood-this facilitated strong application skills. You, your wife, Ling, and all your staff are warm, pleasant, and very excited to be of service to the students’ and other staff members. One of the things I was most impressed with is the organization and execution of the schedules of classroom instruction and clinical hours making everything work for each student and their subsequent year of leaning. Every aspect of scheduling including class room and clinic, and institutional calendars were always sent out in a timely fashion which made arranging plane tickets and scheduling my time back in the States a breeze. I look forward to completing the fourth year for the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine that your school offers. I think you and your wife Ling are two of the finest people I have ever met. Thank you for your dedication, love of TCM, knowledge, your wonderful gift of being able to grow your field, and the great experience that I have had while being at your school. I have learned so many new and exciting ways to help people which I am very excited about.

Thank you to you and your wife, Ling for always going above and beyond in helping make sure each student is not only on track, but successful…

Thank you and Warm Regards….

Max G. Sielsky

Since I first walked into the school to inquire about their programs I was impressed. I had an immediate sense that the school staff was genuinely interested in helping people. That they were motivated to turn out quality health professionals and not profits.

Having spent three years of my life at this school my earliest thoughts have been reinforced on a near daily basis, Dr Du is an amassing Doctor and teacher, Dr Du  and his wife Ling have a commitment to their craft and concern for their students that is simply amazing . They have been an inspiration to me. I can only dream of following in their large footsteps.

All the Doctor have been nothing short of a mentors to me. I have learned so much from them in such a short time. Their strong instruction and reassuring manor has allowed me to become so confident that I can be a good TCM practitioner that I scarcely recognize myself,

Though it has been three years of intense study it has passed very quickly and I have had a lot of fun along the way. As the programs are taught in a clear step by step approach I have never once felt overwhelmed.

For anyone looking to attend this school, I would give it the highest recommendation possible. The people here and the programs they teach has transformed my life in the most positive ways possible. You will not be disappointed.


Nov.11, 2015

Nonglux Mac Donald

Choosing to attend CCTCMA has been one of the better decisions that I have made.  The instructors are dedicated and the students are passionate about learning.  I value the ’open-door’ attitude that the administration has, as well as the family-like atmosphere the College provides.  I would strongly recommend this College to anyone interested in a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture!

Cindy Le

The DTCM program at CCTCMA has been more than I could ask for! The curriculum is extensive and very challenging but provides an amazing feeling of accomplishment. The Doctors/Instructors are fantastic and are always available to assist the students with the material presented. I would recommend CCTCMA to anyone who has a love for Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Kristin Hintz 

The DTCM program at the Calgary College of TCM and Acupuncture is fantastic.The teachers are thorough and present their material clearly. They come from a great deal of background knowledge and most have had extensive experience in China and abroad. The curriculum is incomparable to any other in Calgary and the quality of education also far surpasses that of the other schools I have looked into.

Christina Burns

Now completing my 2nd year, the Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture not only has a well developed course structure, new facilities, the most qualified staff and an internship in China … it’s fun. The class size allows me direct access to my instructors and an excellent working environment with my classmates.

Nicole Mitchelson BSc.

Dr Du and his Instructors have been very “hands on” in helping the students learn TCM. Dr. Du’s real world experiences from Beijing, Melbourne and Victoria make the classes educational and fun.

Dave Skrobot 

The Doctor of TCM program at CCTCMA is very rewarding! Although can be challenging and hard work…the rewards keep coming… after the first year, my knowledge has greatly increased and I am continually entrigued to keep learning, growing and practicing skills that I learn each day. I suggest this program to anyone interested in a Holistic Professional Academic Program.

Jennifer Barrow

The Doctor of TCM program at CCTCMA is very rewarding! Although can be challenging and hard work…the rewards keep coming… after the first year, my knowledge has greatly increased and I am continually entrigued to keep learning, growing and practicing skills that I learn each day. I suggest this program to anyone interested in a Holistic Professional Academic Program.

Bill Chan

I would like to say I am proud to be part of the TCM health care program. In my opinion TCM has the most advanced theory in the health care field, it has been proven over thousands of years in China . TCM will prove itself again in the western world, and we are here to make it happen. I would like to give my thanks to Dr. Du for providing us this great opportunity. I will go through this program and be the witness in the future where the real impact will take place”.

Dec 8 2006.

Ran Qian

I have received very positive feedback regarding the quality of the programs presented and the knowledgeable instructors. Thank you so much for agreeing to deliver your programs again at the library”.

Adult Programming Officer     The Calgary Public Library.

Adult Programming Officer for the Calgary Public Library

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